Sunday, March 1, 2009

Bringing Home #3

A few of our last day in the hospital - Owen holds on to everything.
His binky (which is vanilla flavored by the way? What? Yes the hospital gives out vanilla flavored binkies now, and I'm told you can buy them at Kmart) his blankets, my shirt.

All packed up and coming home (Dad was worried his little neck would get bent crooked so he propped blankets around him)

The first moments home. All the boys wanted to take a picture with Owen in his carseat, and Grandma conned me into getting in it. I always swear that the next child's pictures I'll be dressed and have makeup on. So far we're 0-3 on that. C-sections win every time.

Carter still trying to decide what he thinks of this new little intrusion. Most of the time he's very nice and sweet with the baby (although soft to a one year old is definitely a relative term). He even agreed to actually hold Owen, and pose (middle picture) happily about it. He also attempted to share his ultimate love The Ba Ba (which will be leaving when mama gets enough energy to deal with that trauma, as well as move him to the big boy bed he was supposed to move to the night we had the baby, yep Carter is in for a world of hurt). It sure is cute though how excited they both are to see him everyday, and the first morning we were home find the two of them sitting outside my bedroom door, waiting for mama and Owen to wake up and come out. (Daddy told them they couldn't wake us up, and they tried to listen by yelling at each other to be quiet right outside my door).
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craftyashley said...

Jackson is so cute with Owen! Those pictures are just adorable!
How is life with three little ones?

camery said...

vanilla flavored pacifiers? you have got to be kidding me? he is a doll! congratulations! you have a way of (at least seeming to) take everything in stride and try to find the humor in it. i love that! i'm sure you will be a pro at three in no time. (i mean four!)

Nikki said...

Congrats on the new baby-he is adorable!