Friday, March 13, 2009

Brothers are lots of fun. Brothers who swing you are lots of fun. Brothers who swing you extremely fast, when you're a week old are very scary. (Especially the one year old brother, who also just learned to say "Fast" and tries to teach you what that means are very, very scary.)

Saved for the moment. Safe, quiet and saved from the brotherly love.

Carter has devised an even more fun way to use the swing. Carter is our all in child. Never does anything half way. I'm waiting for the swing to go airborne. It will be soon I'm sure.

We're rapidly progressing around here. Our first round of tummy time. Each time Jackson or Carter joins Owen in his (so far short lived) tummy time. "They are nice to you sometimes." (Point to those who know where that comes from). And they sure love you a lot, even in their unique little ways.
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