Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Calling all Winder Girls!

If you're a Winder girl, please email me at kellie_yeates@yahoo.com or leave me your email in the comments (I won't publish your email, they're set to private), if you don't know if you are or not, you're not... so don't worry about it. Thanks!

I am trying all means that I have (email, facebook, blog, phone) so if some of you get this message more than once sorry! We are planning the sister trip for this year, and need a count of those that are interested in participating. We will be going to St. George but are staying in a different place than last year. We are looking at a few weekends:

April 23rd - 26th (last Weekend in April)
May 21st - 24th (3rd weekend in May)
May 28th - 31st (4th weekend in May)

So here is what I need from you. #1 - can you come? #2 - What weekends can you go? #3 - would you rather go Thursday through Saturday or Friday through Sunday?

Obviously cost depends on how many people are coming (the more the cheaper it is). And also depending on how many people can come, and what weekend will determine where we stay.

We will do our best to accommodate everyone, but whenever the most people can be there will be the weekend we go. No hard feelings. Please get back to me as soon as possible. Also anyone I might have missed forward this on to them, and send me their information. Thanks!

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Pike's Place said...

Can I be an honorary Winder girl? :) Sounds like a blast! Good luck with planning.