Thursday, March 12, 2009

Our Valentine Love

My wonderful brothers, Ryan & Kevin, and fabulous sister Jenna (Hyrum lucked out and was competing in a Construction contest & won 2nd place! Then flew in on Valentine's day to spend it with Jenna) came from Utah to help us move. They drove down spent their President's Day weekend moving us, and even sacrificed their Valentine's Day plans. (Side Note - Many thanks to the friends who came to help us move on Valentine's Day morning! And thanks to their wives who let us borrow them on Valentine's of all days). After we finished moving all the big stuff (furniture etc.) to our new house we all went to dinner for Valentine's Day. One of our new favorite places is called Famous Daves (they built one by our house and its very yummy). The ribs are amazing, and yes lots of BBQ sauce & dinner with Carter & Jackson is very romantic, trust me. Next years rule: No children. No moving.
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Pike's Place said...

Do you know what's so sad? I didn't even realize Jer helped you move on V-Day. Shows you how much we celebrate, eh? Glad the move went well! And we're especially glad you moved nearby.