Friday, March 13, 2009


So I know I've posted a lot of pictures of Jackson holding Owen. Jackson has amazed me lately. About a week before we had Owen, we flipped some switches in our house. Jackson's switch flipped from Whiny Stinker Todder to Helpful Sweetheart Kid (yep, he's a kid and I'm coming to terms with that), and Carter's switch flipped from Angel Snuggle Baby to Climbing Dirty Monkey Toddler (this one I'm not coming to terms with) . . .

The second reason for these pictures is look at that hair. Jackson's hair is unbelievable. He gets it from Grandpa Stan. (A little girl in my dad's ward once said "Brother Johnson's hair isn't real. No one who's that old has that much hair." Yep, he does, and yep its real.) When Jackson's hair gets a little long it is amazing. This was the first Sunday Owen was home, and Jackson & Bart went to church, while Carter, Owen and I were at home recooperating. Bart did Jackson's hair and although its a little dramatic I loved it. My brother Keivn would say this hairdo is in honor of the guy from the Twilight movie with the crazy hair. (I still haven't seen it). This Sunday, however was the coolest. Jackson got to sit on the stand with Bart and later while bragging about it told Grandma that he was now in the Bishopric. Looks like we're going to have to clarify that before next week (our last Sunday was Stake Conference). This is also the child that at two tried to set a lady in our ward apart because he saw Daddy do it, while staying with Daddy after church one day... Needless to say Jacks doesn't stay after church with Daddy anymore.
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Becky Chatwin said...

I love your nicknames for your boys! Very descriptive and probably very accurate....don't you love the 2-3 year old attitude!

Jenna said...

i love it!!