Sunday, March 1, 2009

"That was Totally Wicked!"

As a last chance get away prior to three munchkins we spent about 5 days at a friend's cabin just north of Cedar City. There was a great sledding hill and everyday Jackson begged to go sledding. When we finally got enough daylight, time, energy (this was a big one for me) and sufficient naps all scheduled in the same day we ventured out. Jackson took the day to show us that he really is a big kid. He climbed up the big sledding hill all by himself, dragging his own sled, and after going down once with Daddy and Carter, went down three times solo mio. And what better way to prove that you're a big kid? When you fly past your mom so fast you almost knock her down, causing her to almost drop her camera in the snow, stand up, hands above your head and yell "That was totally wicked!" (A movie quote he learned from The Incredibles.)

Carter made it down the hill once, but thereafter decided that it was much more fun just to dig. Dig, dig, dig... He also decided it was much more energy efficient (we're all about being green around here) to lay down coffin like in his sled, and make daddy drag you to and from the sledding hill. Refuse to move until placed on the actual sledding hill, or on the front porch coming home. It's not worth the effort required in between (and no this had nothing to do with the fact that he was once again over dressed to keep warm and immovable.)
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