Sunday, March 1, 2009

Waiting for baby Owen the boys peering in the nursery windows. Jackson understood what was going on, and remembered everything from when Carter was born. When he came in to see me after the surgery he knew what all the buttons did on the bed, remembered where things were in the hospital, even told Grandma they didn't have flowers for me and they needed flowers (last time Aunt Jenna took him to get me roses when he came to visit). I was surprised and the nurses were shocked that he's not even 4 and he knew so much and remembered everything. Carter had really no idea what was going on. He was woken up and taken out of bed, driven to the hospital, but was sure happy and as always putting on a little show for anyone that would watch.

Our little guy - the first time I got to hold him
I had to wait a little while to see him because of the fluid in his lungs so I didn't see him until he was cleared from the nursery.

One day old - looking around and wanting to see everything, and then tired out from all the curiousity.
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