Sunday, March 1, 2009

When one is not enough

Carter as I've mentioned before has a slight love affair going on with his bottle. Jackson lost the beloved baba at about 15 months, and well since mama was hugely pregnant 15 months for Carter came and went and victoriously Carter still retained his baba. We've minorly tried to replace the baba (just by giving him a sippy cup instead but not actually taking away the bottles) but he looks at the sippy totally disregards its existence and holds out threatening dehydration until you give in and give him the bottle back (any mom that has taken a baby in for an IV to the emergency room because of dehydration knows this threat is credible and horrific). So what could possibly be better than one love? Two loves with beverage options. Love it while you can Carter, the war is soon beginning.
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Tayla said...

Wow, you guys have been busy! Congratulations on your new baby and on moving. You are amazing to be able to handle all of that I think I would be insane! Oh, and good luck with the bottle thing ... I am one of those moms who had to deal with an IV in my little 16 month old's hand from dehydration. Not from taking away a bottle, but still, not fun and very traumatic!