Sunday, April 5, 2009

Carter's First Party

A little buddy in our ward just turned 3 and for his very fun birthday party Jackson and Carter got to race plasma cars, yummy pit stop food, play red light / green light, car tire toss, and a lighting McQueen pinata.

This was the first birthday party that Carter has been to since he's been old enough to understand birthdays. He sure had a great time. So great in fact that he wouldn't get off the plasma car, didn't want to stop hitting the pinata (what kid doesn't love to hit things with a bat??), wanted to open Trevor's presents, eat the cupcakes before everyone else...

It was also my first birthday party with three kids. That was an eye opener. Jackson, Carter and Owen sure kept me on my toes. Thanks to Tricia and Trevor for the fun party (and for Tricia's wonderful in-laws who saved me, by balancing whichever child I couldn't handle at the moment and helping me get out to the car with all three kids, treat bags, infant seat...)
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Tricia said...

Ha I didn't know they helped you out to the car! We are glad your little guys could come and make the party more fun. My boys just had a shoot out with the gift you gave them so thanks again!

Pike's Place said...

Fun party, eh? You did great -- for a major outing with a newborn and two other kids, I was impressed with your abilities. Teach me? :)