Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Dear Aunt Erin -

We all really enjoyed your stroganoff recipe. All of us except Jackson that is. Love you! Kellie

I actually said the words, "you'll sit there until all the food it gone". He is a formidable foe. This round went to Jackson. After almost two hours of this, while Carter and I did everything possible to entice Jackson to eat, so he could come play with us, have a treat, make cookies, go to Young Men's with Daddy, I finally gave up. I gave him the choice, and he decided to go to bed. The next morning he was very hungry. Here's to next time. (and there will be a next time!)
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Pike's Place said...

Ahh . . . the epic food battles. I know them well. Way to stick it out!

Courtnie said...

Ha! That is pretty funny! We've had to do that with Ashlyn. I think she only lasted an hour or so.