Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Differences between Boys & Girls

This is Jackson's little Sunbeam friend Norah. When she was over to play we learned first hand all about the differences in little girls and little boys. Now Norah is not an extremely girly girl. You can see from her shirt that she loves bugs. She told me all morning about bugs, her shirt with bugs (although it was a glittery shirt with bugs, as she pointed out), and didn't get one bit squeamish over our little friend living in the backyard. But bring out the cupcakes and the inherent differences between the sexes become very apparent.

Norah asked me about 12 times if her cupcake was beautiful. She spent a lot of time working very dedicated and purposeful in doing her icing, and had a definite idea about the color scheme of her sprinkles. Jackson frosted a cupcake in about 3 seconds, and dumped as much of any sprinkles that he could get his hands on (also dumping it all over the countertop and himself at the same time.)

After eating cupcakes. Jackson & Carter both covered in frosting and as you can tell from Jackson's melancholy face, he's completely embarassed by the thought of having food on his face in front of a girl. Carter was in the middle of begging for cupcake Number 2. There is no after shot for Norah, because she looked just like she did in the before. Completely neat and clean. What a difference.
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KB said...

Oh, man- that is my girl! Sorry you had to endure the the constant self affirmation of my daughter. She really is into all things "beautiful" no matter if they are creepy crawly or sugar filled cupcakes. Thanks for entertaining her for the morning!!!

PS Jackson is a favorite around this house!