Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Playgroup

All Carter wanted to do was swing on the tire swing. . . (and run under my feet)

Look at that concentration - Jackson was very intent on his egg dying, but spent the most of the time playing "Dogs" with the kids in our ward. All the boys had big walking sticks, and all the girls were pretending to be dogs... I have no idea. Looked more like sheep herding but they sure were having fun. Jackson especially had fun with his newest little buddies (T & Tyra), they became best buds during Elder's Quorum basketball (they ran all over the stake center together, while their dad played basketball with Bart). This was our first outing to playgroup with three kids, and we sure had a fun time. Fun that is, until Carter was passed his nap, Owen was passed his feeding, and Jackson didn't want to leave his "dogs". (I never thought I'd hear my three year old call his friends, "his dogs (dawgs)." What's next?)
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