Sunday, April 5, 2009

Leprechaun Boys

So with all the baby stuff, and adjusting to three kids I completely spaced St. Patricks Day... As you can tell from their clothes no one in our family wore green, and I woke up realized that we didn't do the Leprechauns come visit and leave treats deal, or even talk to our kids about St. Patricks day at all. So I ran up to my office, pulled out my huge file drawer of teaching stuff (3 feet wide x 6 feet tall cabinet) and looked through until I found my St. Patricks' Day files. I pulled out this Leprechaun (I used it when I taught 1st grade) and cut the papers (twice) because I didn't have construction paper, (I know what kind of mom doesn't have construction paper), so we started with computer printer paper but it was all neon and the leprechaun looked very funny...he was a little bit too Vegas-y... so I dug through my scrapbook cardstock until I found the right colors and re-cut the patterns. It took quite a bit of convincing to get Carter not to eat the glue stick, and to put the beard on his face instead of throwing them all over the kitchen like confetti. And yes I just realized I spelled Leprechaun wrong. Yes, I taught school. Yes, its one of my biggest pet peeves when people spell things wrong. As with everything else, we're blaming newborn sleep deprivation. Oh, well. And yes, I made a green dinner, and took pictures. But the food looked so gross green (the boys loved it), I couldn't eat it, let alone post it again. Next year I'm going to have to find something that actually looks appetizing green... We had green alfredo noodles, with green alfredo sauce, green jello cool whip treats, green salad, and green milk. Yuck. I ate the salad.
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