Sunday, April 5, 2009

Mama's Favorite Outfit

This is one of my few favorite clothes I have that the boys have worn. I don't remember who gave it to Jackson but its so cute, and cuddly that each of the boys have worn it and when they get big enough to out grow it I always feel just a little heartbroken. A little because the outfit is so cute, and a little because that means they're no longer newborns and now are wriggly, chubby babies. Don't get me wrong I think chubby babies are wonderful, but sometimes wish it took about twice as long for them to outgrow everything. It takes so long to get them here, and they grow out of my favorite newbie stage so quickly. No wonder I keep getting suckered into the idea of another cute little guy...
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Pike's Place said...

Owen is growing like a weed! Unfortunately, I suspect he will be growing out of that soon. He's so cute!