Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Our new Pet . . .

Jackson came running in the house when he and his little friend Norah were playing in the backyard, and said "Mom, there's a rat in the backyard!" ummm... No. There is not a rat. So I walk outside and look around nothing. Then I look up. On the cinderblock wall between our house and our neighbors house. There is a head. My first thought is what toy did the kids throw up on the wall, when it turned and looked at me. I screamed. Jackson squealed with joy.

So what do I do? Frantically run in the house and grab my two necessities. My cell phone and the camera. So I quickly speed dial Bart, where the conversation went something like "head, in the wall... what do I? Jackson don't. Guinea Pig? Can you come home?" (Which he promptly did) and I started taking pictures for A. to show Bart in case it ran away & B. my blog (the real reason, lets be honest). I climbed up on a patio chair, trying to look down the wall (turns out big dark hole, looks like a big dark hole) and told Jacks and Norah to go get some bread, and they got hot dog buns (that were supposed to be for lunch, their lunch not the rodent's but whatever), so I put pieces up on the wall to entice Mr. Hampster/Guinea Pig/Rat/Mouse/Flying Squirrel... (not a frog... That's what Norah said to me, when I said to myself out loud "what is that?" She replied "Not a frog." Nope, definitely not a frog - good girl Norah.)

Bart comes home, and I'm balanced on said patio chair with two almost 4 year olds (who are each eating a plain hot dog bun too), watching (and screaming) every time "Mr. Not a Frog" came out and grabbed one. Within seconds my farm boy husband pronounces that its a field mouse, and rolls his eyes at me as he realizes that I'm feeding it. Jackson then squealed something about stuck in the wall, and we realize about a foot and a half down is a tail sticking out between the wall joints. So either this "field mouse" (not as exciting as a guinea pig or flying squirrel) is really, really tall - or there is more than one taking up residence and being fed hot dog buns.

Jackson then proclaims that this is now his pet (because if you've met my husband, you've probably realized our children will be the only kids to never have an indoor pet), and wants to know when it can come live inside. Bart's eyes about bug out of his head, and knowing my husband (who threw a mouse at me when we were dating, the first time I went to the farm, I about died) he's plotting sad demises for our little friend. I explained that this wasn't the kind of pet we can bring inside, but that doesn't stop Jackson asking everyday if we have remembered to feed his pet. I have to admit - I think Mr. Mouse is actually kind of cute, and much to Bart's chagrin Jacks & I would pretty much adopt anything, and I've even snuck into the back yard, to see if our little friend is out again.
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craftyashley said...

That is so cute!
We found a field mouse in our garage. I flipped out- parked my car in the driveway for a week and wouldn't let anyone open the door to the garage.

Christa Jeanne said...

Haha, oh, Kel, what an adventure! I think mice are cute, too, but I doubt farm boys agree. To them, they're little vermin troublemakers.

The Price Family said...

How cute! I had a pet rat once - I just loved that thing! I hope Jackson enjoys his new pet day after day!

Julie said...

Sorry, I'm with Bart and my kids will never have an indoor pet either. Steve kills everything with a brick. I'm sure he and Bart would get along great. Funny post!