Sunday, April 12, 2009

Our Restful Sunday. . .

* Jackson gets up before the rest of us and opens his Easter Basket & Carter's without us. When I wake up, I look over the banister and see all his goodies and Carter's sorted into piles (apparently ranked in order of liking?) along the sectional.

* Jackson and a little boy two rows in front of us are trading toys back and forth showing each other how cool their transformer / spider man/ car/ truck whatever else, but are heartbroken when church starts and I make them quit. Jackson spends 10 minutes pouting and giving me attitude for putting a stop to his game.

* Carter head butts me three times during sacrament meeting fighting to get down to run up on the stand. (If I have a black eye and fat lip tomorrow... he's so busted.)

* After the bread is passed, Carter yells "ummm, water! water!" like he's dying of dehydration.

* During the prayer Carter yells "quiet" over and over while squinting his eyes shut as tight as possible - example of knowing the word but lacking the point.

* I'm holding Owen in his carseat on my lap continually bouncing to keep him asleep, when Carter crawls under my legs and the bench, and makes a dive towards freedom and the aisle. I set Owen down (waking him up) and grab Carter just as he gets out of finger reach and drag him yelling back into our pew.

* Jackson leans across the aisle at his friend Tyra, and they make goofy faces at each other for ten minutes before I realize what they are doing.

* In rebellion for not being able to run up the aisle, Carter pulls his shoes and pants off.

(All of the above done while sitting in front of a visiting family, who's in our ward for the first time... lovely.)

* During nursery I need to change Carter so I take him out, strip him down, get him cleaned off and realize the diapers I got to repack my diaper bag are sitting on the table at home. Naked child with no diaper goes running around the room while I borrow a diaper from a friend (thanks Karin!)

*Owen pulls the amazing baby trick that if you sit down they wake up, so we spend Relief Society standing and bouncing to the side. Even after putting him down I find myself bouncing for no reason, and probably look like I'm going through detox...

* Bart gets the boys from their classes, and they run next door to the Relief Society room. Somewhere in between the two doors (which are right across from each other) they run out and follow friends out the door of the church. Thanks to Damon for catching them as they ran amok outside before getting too far away.

* To keep boys awake on the way home the snickerdoodles my VT brought me are divided up and declared to be lunch by Carter. 6 cookies later. . . we're finally home, and they are down for naps.

All this and it's only 2:15pm. Remind me why I'm doing this again? I've heard ladies say that's it so when they're teenagers they'll go to church without fighting, because that's what we do. We go to church. Here's hoping I live through all these relaxing Sundays until they're teenagers.

(I'm remarkably in a good mood, despite my kids' efforts to the contrary. I just want to remember what I survived through when they were little.)


Pike's Place said...

You must hide the mayhem well, because I didn't notice any Yeates' disruptions. What is it about church and dealing with kids? As you were aware, I had my struggles as well. But we made it, didn't we?

hollyhs said...

that's too funny! i don't know how you do it! keep it up... jesus loves the little children and he wants them at church... even if it wears out their mama! :)

Tricia said...

As much as I feel sympathetic towards you I just think this is so cute! I know, I'm crazy but it will all be over too soon. Think of ALL the good stories you will have to tell their wives some day!

Christa Jeanne said...

Wow, Kellie - that is quite the adventure! Sorry the boys gave you such a run for your money, but on the bright side, they won't be so little (and therefore so difficult) forever.

Kerry said...

Church is so stressful at times! I agree with Tricia, when it isn't you, it is so cute to watch but when it is you, you want to cry. I'm glad you survived with a smile!