Sunday, April 5, 2009

Owen's 1st bath

Just like most newborns Owen was not thrilled at the prospect of being stripped down, and dunked in water. Well, obviously not dunked, more like laid in nice warm water, in a soft padded bathtub, but you'd think that they were actually being attacked or like the witch in the Wizard of OZ melted at the touch of water. Each of my boys has screamed bloody murder at the thought of being washed. Carter has since gotten over this, and begs to get in the Shower after every meal (which with how dirty he is he could have a shower after every meal if our water bill could handle it). Jackson seems to be holding his ground though, it takes major convincing to get in the bath, but also major convincing to get him out of it afterwards... Owen is still making up his mind on this bath thing, we never know when bath time comes if he'll love it or will scream so loud I'm sure the neighbors can hear him...

I have a daddy first bath picture for each of the boys (disregard the fact that Bart looks half asleep). I love how Owen has to hold on to everything. He wraps his arm outside to hold every blanket or towel that he is wrapped in.
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The Price Family said...

It's sad to say but I put off the "first bath" for as long as I can - I hate it. The whole crying, stressed to the max for what seems like forever - ahhh. Glad Owen survived and love the idea of Bart with each boy after the first bath. Cute!