Sunday, April 5, 2009

Smiley Sleeper

Owen smiles constantly in his sleep. I have always hated that people always say that it is just gas, or just the baby's reflexes. I think that they haven't figured out how to smile consciously yet, but that somewhere they know (don't you think they smiled before they came to this Earth? I do.) I think that when they are sleeping their bodies let go of trying to control it, and they really are happy. I like to think my babies are happy. Why wouldn't they be right? As Bart says they get to sleep as much as they want and they get to drink whole milk. Happiness.
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KB said...

I think they are happy, too! Fond memories of pre-life and being in a little swimming pool for nine months where no one else could bother them. :-)

Vance & Adri Petersen said...

I totally Agree wih you! it is not gas, Baron smiled when he slept to and I always thought he was in a happy place!! I love little Owen. I want to meet him. Marilyn and I will come over soon to visit :)

Hope everything is going well.

Becky Chatwin said...

What a cutie! So sweet.

craftyashley said...

I think babies are happy too! Such cute pictures!