Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sunday Conference

Conference started with packets to color, and treats to keep kids watching (orange julius, popcorn, veggie straws, & fruit snacks).
Continued with a fun game of eating off the blanket, due to mom telling them to pick up all the popcorn they threw all over when they were supposed to be listening to the speakers.

Ended with a brotherly expression of affection and clearly demonstrating that they fully grasped the ideas talked about in conference of loving one another, patience, being Christ-like, and understanding.

I'm still counting this as a sucess. No one ended up bleeding, and they listened to the Prophet's talk, and maybe 2.5 words of anyone else's talk (when their faces weren't being pile driven into the carpet.) If you asked them what the talk was about Carter would yell "Jesus! Fammy!" (Family) Well I guess that works since most things can be traced back to Jesus and Family. Match Point Mom. I win.
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Julie said...

Way to go Kellie! Keep those expectations low and you'll never be disappointed!:) I miss the conference coloring days.

AL and Jake said...

Hello, my name is Lynette (Jones) Gifford...Bart was a good friend of mine in high school...I hope you don't mind...I stumbled across your blog and have totally been loving reading it:) You have the cutest family and I thoroughly reading about ! Your Jackson stories kill me! Sounds like he's taking after his dad:) You can rest easy at night knowing all the naughty stuff he does isn't YOUR's Bart's:) Anyway, thanks for keeping a great blog! I'm impressed that you keep it up so well with three little ones!