Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Things we learned during Saturday morning General Conference

1. Missionaries can stand atop each other's head.

(I'm sure there are Elders in the MTC that have tried this...) We told Jackson he had to listen to the first talk of General Conference each session, and when they announced the new Apostle, Elder Anderson (He can also tell you the new apostles name, Score one). Jackson went upstairs and found his missionaries, they came from Deseret Book because when my brother Ryan was on his mission, Jackson would not physically leave the store until he had missionaries. (Score two for mom & dad. Jackson knows missionaries have to do with church and therefore General Conference.)

2. Stair rails (where Jackson decided he had to watch conference from) make a great sippy cup holder.
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Stu and Angie Milne said...

I just looked at the pics of owen, SOO cute! your boys are so adorable. and I absoluetly love the quotes you have on the side from jackson, such a funny guy! Stu and I are going to vegas next weekend for my birthday, we would love to see you!