Thursday, May 28, 2009

Alien Adventures

Jackson got a space set for Christmas. Mom (who hates toys with 3 billion pieces) glued the track into larger chunks so that I only have to put like 7 pieces together rather than 3 billion. So the boys declared that it was Space Day and got all their space toys out. Buzz lightyear, a rocket thing they have, and this space set.

We put it all together and Carter who is obsessed with cars, drove the space cars (I have no idea what they are supposed to be, but they look like cars) around the track. Jackson decided he would rather play with all the extra pieces instead of the track, so he spent the time racing things across the tile floor and doing this:

Then Jackson lays down next to him and I hear him mumbling things. When I got closer, apparently I was too loud, because he turns to me and says. "Mom! Sssshhh! They're having testimony meeting!" And don't worry each alien took a turn. I'm not sure whether to be worried that he associates aliens with testimony meetings, or just be glad he knows what that is!
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Katrina said...

I love that the aliens had testimony meetings. Too cute!