Thursday, May 21, 2009

Baby Owen's Pictures

A friend of mine took pictures of Owen for me and she did a fabulous job! This was just before he started to lose the newborn look (although he wasn't as sleepy as new new babies are), and started to look like a chubby little baby. Thank you so much Karin! And if anyone needs a photographer, she did excellent (even with Jackson as a distraction - Carter stayed home with Bart because that would have been a nightmare!) * Warning - I like so many I'm posting a lot of them. Deal, my baby, my blog.*
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Tricia said...

What a sweet sweet baby and darling pictures. I love newborn pictures.

craftyashley said...

He's soooo cute! Post more pics! LOL

Kerry said...

I've been in tears before when I've looked at the pictures Karin has taken of my kids. These are so darling!! Owen sure is a cutie!