Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Bribe

So to get them to eat, they get bribed quite often. If you eat, you can go to Young Men's with Daddy. If you eat, you can ride your bike in the kitchen. If you eat, you can watch How It's Made. If you eat, you can run through the Fountains! (My favorites are the ones where they have such funny faces from being shot unexpectedly. I know bad mom, I enjoy my kids' pain.)

Here is Jackson and Carter's favorite place at Town Square. Nope not the movie theater, or the park, the fountains, maze or kid stage. Not even the frozen yogurt store, or the apple store (which Jackson loves to look in because he gets to play IPOD.) Its the wall indention by the parking lot we always park in. If I had one of these in our house I'm pretty sure I could stick a blanket in it and it would be their room. (Mental Note for future housing). If I had more patience I think they'd play in this longer than they played in the fountains...
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The LEO Family said...

Awww.... I'm so glad you take so many pics when you blog. T and Taira have been navigating throughout your page for about the last 20 minutes while saying "Oh I miss Jackson, oh I miss Vegas, oh I miss Jackson, lol! Hope all is well, and just so you know our kids miss Jackson, lol!

Stu and Angie Milne said...

k second grouping of pictures.. carters face is priceless!! they are so cute!