Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Cardinal Mistake

Our ward Fathers & Sons Outing is this Friday. It was supposed to be two weeks ago. We made the deadly mistake of telling Jackson the Sunday before that he was going to go camping with Daddy on Friday. Then at church the very same day, it was postponed. So now I have a four year old asking me 17,492 times a day if its Friday yet. (this is why you never tell a child about anything, until they are on the way to said activity). If he gets to go camping yet. Packing his backpack with camping essentials like a Toy Story Lantern, plastic wrenches and a gardening shovel, and wearing said backpack for almost three days. So Bart felt bad and told the boys that they would still go camping on Friday. But since we have a rock backyard and a concrete patio, opted for family room camping (also because its still over 90 degrees by the boys' bedtime).

So he brought in the tent, got out the sleeping bags. (Posed for all the pictures, and arranging, so I could get "sniff". . the first "sniff" . . . pictures of my babies camping . . . "sniff".

Of course they set up the tent so they could watch shows on TV out the door, they watched one show. (We are all about roughing it let me tell you, the only time I've been "camping" with Bart, it was with his Pulte Homes job, and we stayed in a motel. That was the options with Bart's work, stay in a tent, or a motel. I chose Motel. Bart declared it wasn't camping.) Went to bed, turned out the lights, Owen and I went upstairs to my big Cal King Bed with memory foam (love that stuff) while Bart slept on the floor with boys.

. . . All is Quiet . . .

15 minutes later. Camping is over. Carter refuses to sleep, Jackson says he wants to sleep in his bed, and Bart is miserable because since no one is downstairs at night, we turn the air conditioning off down there. So much for camping huh? (Good luck Bart, at the real campout this Friday when there is no retreat upstairs option...)
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Pike's Place said...

I felt sympathy for Bart and Jer when I saw the boys interacting last night . . . their "real" campout should be interesting. :)