Sunday, May 3, 2009

Crazy Eggs

Jackson was all over the egg dying this year, Grandma & Grandpa came to help and I quickly realized how grateful I was for the extra hands. Three boys, six little hands, cups of vinegar dye and it would have been a disaster all by myself. I think the ratio of three little boys to four adults was just about right.

Grandpa took Carter as his assignment and did an amazing job helping him. Carter is not easy and Grandpa found that out with an eye full of yellow vinegar dye... We gave up on getting Carter to use a spoon to dip the eggs, and the yellow/green mutant hand was the result. Took about three days for that to fade away. Probably scared a few people at the grocery store with his flesh eating disease, but at least it was cured quickly.

Here were the job assignments. Grandma = Jackson, Grandpa = Carter, Bart = pictures, video and egg boiling, and Kellie = Owen

Our end haul = we boiled 30 eggs (and ate them forever, the boys thought hard boiled eggs were the greatest). I bought the fancy egg kits (glitter, marbling, bling etc) and quickly remembered that "oh yeah, I only have boys and they could care less." They were perfectly happy with the basic egg dye and the shrink wrappers. Maybe in like three years I'll be able to talk them into "pretty eggs".
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