Sunday, May 3, 2009

Easter Morning Try #2

These were the boys' Easter Baskets, and although the first time Carter saw them, not the first time Jackson did. He woke up that morning, and usually the boys come climb into bed with us, and either lay and snuggle nice, or kick & squirm until we finally get up. (Most of the time we end up out of bed after being climbed all over, and kicked in the head in the process). Jackson climbed off our bed, and very quietly snuck downstairs (we thought he was still playing upstairs). The Easter Bunny left the boys' baskets on the coffee table and Jackson immediately unpacked not only his basket, but Carter's too. When we realized that he was downstairs we found the baskets empty, the treats from both sorted into piles. Either grouped together by kind or by preference of which ones were better I don't know...

So baskets repacked, and boys stalled upstairs, I didn't get pictures of the sorting because 1. I was too bugged I missed Jackson seeing his basket for the first time, (also the reason I make Bart wrap everything at Christmas, he loves it but that's a whole different argument) and 2. we were trying to repack and keep Carter out until I could get it fixed.

The boys got lots of cute little treats, each got a stuffed animal, and Jackson got a Mater video game to play with daddy and a new Cars swimsuit (more to come on that). Carter got a new Elmo DVD and yes as it stinks to not be the oldest inherited Jackson's swimsuit from last summer (also Cars and yes now they are twinners). Thanks Aunt Tanna for yummy Easter Basket Treats & Grandma Mickie for the box of treats (the eggs were all fish and the boys love them.)

By the way, I now realize why every mom hates Easter grass. After about 3 days I packed it all up, all the eggs, and I still occasionally find one little piece somewhere and it drives me crazy. That stuff is evil.
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Kristen said...

Jackson cracks me up. Now, if he were really thinking he would have hid all the good stuff for himself :)