Sunday, May 3, 2009

Grandma continues the tradition & steps it up a notch

We always got to do an Easter Egg Hunt at Grandma & Grandpa Johnson's house when I was little. Now my parents have continued the fun with our boys.
Yes, there are a few more pictures of Carter. No, he is not the favorite child. It was his first Easter Egg Hunt where he actually picked up the eggs himself.

Grandma had two fun additions to the Egg Hunt (other than the typical plastic eggs). The first was real eggs that were dyed and filled with confetti. Basically confetti egg bombs. The boys loved it, Grandpa who has an unnatural hate for confetti (that started when I was little and Erin and I covered the house in confetti for his birthday, we liked it and thought he'd like it too! We were wrong...) required these be done outside. Grandma told Jackson that you were supposed to crack them over someone's head. Carter was almost knocked unconscious when Jackson smashed the egg over Carter's head. Daddy saved Carter's life and IQ by volunteering to be the egg confetti victim from then on.

The second surprises were bags that were hidden all over the yard, filled with little Easter toys. The winners by far were the boats that have now taken up residence in the backyard mud pile. Jackson loved ripping the bags, Carter didn't quite understand and when Bart offered to help, Carter took up residence sitting on Bart's head, while expecting the toys be opened quickly. There was a cool retro metal spinning top, wind up chicks and lady bugs, the loved boats, and a few other cute Easter toys that I now find hidden in my tupperware cupboard, and in my shoes. Thanks grandma we love them! (and yes, they will love this again next year, because by then I will have made all these toys magically disappear!)
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