Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Happy Mother's Day (attempt #2)

Grandma and the boys made me an apron with all their prints on it. Bart mocked me because I opened it and cried (I'm related to my Grandma Johnson). The amazing thing is my mom did this with the boys while the rest of us were at a movie. Jackson, Carter, lots of paint, only one adult. That was fun I'm sure. Sunday after dinner we added Owen's hands/feet and even with three adults to help, Owen was covered in paint, as was I. Just in case anyone is wondering printing a two month old's hands in paint is a NIGHTMARE. My pants were covered in paint, my shirt, Owen's outift. It was everywhere. The hardest part is getting them to open their hands flat. Yeah, right. Good luck with that.

Flowers - Roses from Bart, picked out by Jackson. Carter's nursery leader made little flower buckets for all the kids to give their moms. (Get this his teacher has only been in the ward a few weeks, this was I think her second week of nursery, and she did them for not only her class but the other nursery class as well... above and beyond, let me tell you.) What was not so great, was that while I was talking after church, Carter dumped the flower pot into my brand new diaper bag. (Well, its a laptop briefcase bag, I like them better than diaper bags, they're usually cute, and have more pockets inside for little things). So potting soil through my whole bag. Happy Mother's Day to me huh?

The best part of Mother's Day.... Chocolate! Right: from the ward Left: from the relief society lesson (taught by my friend's husband, because she was supposed to teach and wasn't feeling well, so he taught Relief Society for her, Pretty great if you ask me. )
Part of my Mother's Day I picked out for myself. Lots of fun little bags for makeup, tolietries etc.
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Jenna said...

you actually saved the chocolates until you got home to take a picture of them? Mine so would have been gone by then. I'm impressed.