Monday, May 4, 2009

I hate fake plants...

And yes, from previous psots its been shown that I can't keep plants alive. So our only choice is fake plants. But they are the bane of my existence.
Explain this to me. #1. The moss in the bottom to cover up the floral styrofoam. I get why they try and cover that up. Can't they figure out some way to keep it in the basket? I hate that stuff. My vaccum hates that stuff. My kids love it. I finally took it all out, we love the look of green styrofoam. #2. Why are the leaves detachable? You know the little peg stems that the leaf clusters attach to? Why do they come off in the first place? Is there really a market for that? Its' not like I'm going to remove all the leaves on the plant from September to March, to immitate the real leaves outside. Really? Glue the darn things on. You notice the sparse branches towards the bottom? Yep, the tree is losing the battle with my kids. I've found these dumb things everywhere but on the dumb tree.

Attention fake plant makers. I'm too busy to keep real plants alive. Therefore too busy to keep putting the fake plant back together. Fix this. Rant done.
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