Sunday, May 3, 2009

"I'm here to take over da vorld..."

Grandma baked an Easter bunny Cake and sent Jackson up to get candy from the Theater and gave him the job of decorating the cake.

Notice the concentration as he decides what would be better for a mouth, starbursts, licorice, fruit rollups, or chocolate...very important decisions.

When Erin and I were little we watched some show on TV and I can't even remember what it was or what it was about, but there was a bunny in it that was evil and it said about a billion times, "I'm here to take over da vorld..." My son was channeling the evil bunny because as close as I can recall it looked just like this. . .
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Ryan said...

Where's your memory? The show was honey i shrunk the kids tv series, and it wasn't a bunny, it was a teddy bear, and he spoke with a lisp and at one point the kids hit him with a hammer, and he said, "You broke my wee wittle back!"