Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Rocket Airplanes

Jackson and his friend Jayce painted rocket/airplanes (they have boosters like rockets, and landing gear like airplanes, and yes I don't know the difference).

Big fun was had by all. (I love these table cloths, one good thing that came out of me being in cubscouts for almost 2 years, I bought rolls of plastic tablecloths for a blue & gold dinner that now become art mats at our house. Pick up, throw away. My kids would never do fun stuff without these.)

You can tell because they painted their bellies, I missed Jayce's he had already cleaned his off.

Top: Airplane a la Jayce
Bottom: Airplane a la Jackson

And we're not just about lackadaisical painting here folks, there was big discussion on the artistic merit of the airplane masterpieces. It was decided that Jayce had a better use of color. Note the varying colors on top. But Jackson had a better sense of realism. There was big discussion how the bottom of Jackson's plane & wheels were right because they were black, and "wheels are always black mom." Jackson is an expert because of his favorite activity of tire shopping with his dad. He begs to go, I'm not kidding. He's a strange kid.
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Pike's Place said...

Our cute boys! Thanks for hosting a wonderful afternoon!

Julie said...

I think it's hysterical that he likes the tire store. Steve's worst memories of his childhood are of his dad dragging him to...the tire store. Funny how we are all different. How often does Bart go to the tire store for his son to choose it as his favorite and beg to go? Hmmm. Maybe the ALIGNMENT store is where he should be hanging out...