Thursday, May 7, 2009

Still a work in Progress..

Carter climbed out his crib and fell on his head twice in two days. He is now attempting to sleep in a big boy bed. Well he's not really attempting, I am. He's just collapsing in exhaustion wherever he is after I spend two hours a day trying to force him to sleep in the bed. This was two feet from his door, when I checked on him. The funny thing is he obviously was thinking enough to cover himself with the towel, why not just get in the bed! Ahh! So far in almost two weeks, he's slept in his bed once during nap time. Night time was a cinch. Never once got out of the bed. But Carter's nap is a nightmare!
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Becky Chatwin said...

I don't even try to put Emma in her bed at nap time. I ask her where she wants to sleep and it is always on the floor, so we put her pillow and blankies there and I tuck her in. She insists on me tucking her in even though two seconds after I leave she is out of her nap time spot horsing around in her room!