Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Super Carter & Power Ranger Jackson (who has no idea who power rangers are, but it has a dino on it so great!)

I asked my brother to come be a villain for the Super Heroes to shoot with their silly string. I should have known that Kevin would go all out for it. He had a bowler hat (a la Meet the Robinsons) and even a pipe cleaner mustache (that one of the kids (Shane) spent quite a while trying to convince Kevin that it wasn't a real mustache). Kevin ran all over the yard, and let eleven 2-6 year olds chase him with silly string and shoot him until they ran out of ammo. Bart was a back up villain, but Kevin's mustache got him much more attention!
A few of the super heroes armed with their Villain Spray.
Present time: Every year I forget how hard it is to get the presents opened, with all the kids trying to practically sit on top of each other, take pictures, read cards, write down who brought what, and keep everyone's attention. Good thing we're used to chaos, because that's what pretty much ensued.
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