Monday, May 4, 2009

True Yeates Fishermen

Bart hates fishing. He went to a fishing derby with his dad every year when he was little and they never caught a fish. Jackson started asking to go fishing about a year ago. Bart has been dreading this day every since. While we were in Utah my sweet brother Ryan offered to take Jacks fishing (Ryan actually can catch fish). It turned into a boys' outing. Bart felt like he should at least go for the first time his boys go fishing, and in my family fishing is a grandpa duty, so Grandpa Stan wanted to go along as well. It was quite rainy, and cold, but the boys sure had fun. Grandma set down strict ground rules before they left 1. Don't stay too long 2. Go to 7-11 on the way and get treats. The boys had a fantastic time, Jackson tried so hard, and Carter ran around waving his pole the whole time, but just like the noble Yeates' men before them, caught nothing.
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Anonymous said...

Grandpa Carl appologizes for the lack of fishing genes. It has been going on for many generations and I guess even as pioneers, the Yeates were in charge of something other than fishing (probably cow wrangling)