Sunday, June 14, 2009

Fathers & Sons (Finally)

I'm not sure Jackson could have handled it, if he'd had to wait any longer to go camping. He packed his Spiderman back pack with all the essentil camping gear.

(Old cell phone that doesn't work, fruit snacks that he must have gotten hungry and eaten while packing, robot friend, whale whistle from cancun in case you get lost, noise maker, plastic drill bit, flying disk shooter, triceratops, Night at the Museum Happy Meal Toy, and of course battling dinosaurs.)

The Preschool Gang
I've been told this had to do something about a lizard. Jayce (Jackson's buddy) told me that Jackson caught a lizard.
(I think the exaggerating starts at an early age - "the fish was -this- big")

The official camp site
All survived, but for one night of camping they sure came home DIRTY. Jackson can be a pretty tan kid, but we washed probably two layers of tan off him, and his shoes still haven't come clean completely.

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Pike's Place said...

Ahhh . . . another fun outing. Seriously, our ward has the cutest boys! By the way, we're blogging at the same time. Shouldn't we be heading to bed? :)

Shannon said...

HA! I love that he packed his own essentials bag. :)

If he came home looking anything like my kids, I understand those now missing layers of tan all too well! LOL

I'm on the hunt for a preschool. You'll have to lmk which one Jackson is going to.