Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Introducing Daddy. . .

Bart always says that it takes the babies a few months before they realize that Daddy is okay. They are so focused on Mama all the time, that this guy that is always around just gets ignored, sure he's good for the occasional holdings, but other than that he's just a side note. Well just after 3 months, Owen's Mama goggles adjusted and he's taken quite the liking to Daddy.

There have even been two nights where everything Mama could do was useless, until Daddy took over and held Owen and he immediately calmed down, cuddled and fell back asleep. Bart is so cute with Owen. He gets excited when Owen smiles at him, is always willing to snuggle the little guy, and loves that Owen is now starting to realize what a fun Daddy he has. (and Mama is welcoming a little bit of a break now and then!)

Just a few of the smiley pictures Owen has been giving us lately. Although he's smiling and laughing now, he only laughs for Jackson. The rest of us could put on the best show, and we get maybe a grin. Jackson snuggles up to him, talks and laughs with him just inches from his face and Owen just can't get enough of him. Jackson is so thrilled that he's the favorite, and likes to remind me saying things, like "don't you wish Owen would laugh at you? He only laughs for me ..., or sorry your baby won't laugh at you mom!" I think its a pretty cute thing how proud Jackson is, and how much he loves this little brother of his.
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Tricia said...

Owen is just getting too big! I love how much babies love their Daddy... after awhile. I'm glad Jackson is such a good brother and so humble about it!