Sunday, June 14, 2009

Memorial Day... Little Brothers

Our community throws a BBQ and fireworks night at the park for Memorial Day every year. We have missed it every year so far, but this year I was determined to make us go. Bart was a little hestitant, but because I went and test drove a car with him (which he thinks is fun, I think is torture), he had to come to the fireworks with me & the boys. They loved it! It was a lot of fun, and we went with our good friends which made it even more fun. Carter was fascinated with the hay bales, and snuggling daddy. But when the fireworks started, didn't move one muscle (including closing his gaping mouth . . .)
Owen woke up just in time for the fireworks and even though he was only 3 months old, watched the entire show mesmerized. I guess at any age fire and explosions is awesome! (He comes by that from his mom, who's a little bit of a pyro. My brother and I made a bon fire every year after the 4th of July, until we melted the street bad enough they had to refinish it...)
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