Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Proud Working Boy

Home Depot has clinic's for kids to make projects the first Saturday of each month. Jackson and Bart went to one, and I couldn't believe how much Jackson loved it. He pretty much (with little help from Dad) put together the hardware sorter (box with compartments and an acrylic lid, to hold screws, nails etc.)He glued, then nailed and painted. They gave him a Home Depot apron just his size, and the kids get a pin each time they come with the project on it they completed. Also doesn't hurt that he got a popsicle, and some other treats after he finished his project. It's a cute idea for Home Depot, but the greatest part was how proud Jackson was to show me what he'd built all by himself.

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Becky Chatwin said...

They do that at Lowe's too! Except I think they have two a month....not sure. They do awesome things at those clinics! Emma loves it!