Sunday, June 14, 2009


There is no good way to do this. Either go more than once to the Dr. for all their checkups (not fun), or take them all at once, and suffer the consequences. (We did one long bad day & called Grandma for reinforcements). Well we had an overdue appt to catch up on, and at least timed it all well, so Jackson went for his 4 year old checkup, Carter his 18 month (he was 23 months) and Owen was due for his 2 month (he was 3 months, awful I know). So Owen & Jackson both got three shots. I don't know what is worse, the little ones who are heartbroken, but don't know its happening, or the big ones who know what they're in for, and try to be brave, but still look so little when hurt. Carter is very behind on some of his shots due to ear infections. He had so many ear infections (like his daddy) that he missed shots because he was never not sick. Then at one year old they miraculously stopped. (like his daddy, any doubt this is Bart's child? The only thing he gets from me is his unending physical need for chocolate). So poor Carter got 4 shots.

The great part about Grandma coming for shots is the rewards. Jackson & Carter each got gummie savers to hold onto while getting shots, and then to eat while waiting to leave the Dr.'s office. Then they conned Grandma into Happy meals with chocolate milk, a chocolate shake to split on the way home & cookies. I don't know if it was the shots or all the sugar that they all passed out for naps when we got home. Carter & Owen both had fevers for about a day, and didn't sleep well that night, but Jackson hardly seemed to notice his shots. He is now ready for school, and doesn't have to have shots again until he's like 11 years old. WEIRD. He was thrilled - eleven is forever he said. I'm sure blink and we'll be there.

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