Sunday, June 14, 2009

What do you do when you're supposed to be taking a nap?

Since Carter naps in Jackson/Carter's room, Jackson takes a nap/rest on my bed. There are four rules. No talking. No TV. Don't get off the bed. Don't touch mom's stuff. (I'm ruthless.)

Now there are Five. DON'T CUT YOUR HAIR!!!

There are bald spots, chunks missing, two semi-circles over his ears, his front bangs are lopsided, and choppy random cuts off the top. But being the good little boy that he is, he cleaned up all the hair and threw it away in mom's bathroom. Then came out and presented himself proudly with what he had done. All scissors have since been removed from my bedroom and we sleep with the door open.

(This is better than it could have been, he got out the electric clippers, but changed his mind...)
So excuse the masterpiece while we wait for nature to fill it back in, and yes I've been informed this is a rite of passage. Rite accomplished - thank you very much. One child down, two to go.

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Pike's Place said...

I desperately need a haircut. However, I will not be asking Jackson to do it. :) He did okay for his first time, though.

Shannon said...

Oh my! LOL

If he did this before yesterday at church, I didn't notice it at all (but I wasn't looking closely).

If you run a tight ship (like I do), once something like this happens (it always takes something like this happening for me to run that tight ship) you find time diminishes the memory & you start leaving scissors within the reach of little hands again (or just not remembering to be sneaky when you put them away & they catch sight of your hiding spot)....well, lets just say we've accomplished that rite of passage more than a couple times. :o/

He didn't do too bad of a job. I'm impressed he actually cleaned up his mess afterwards.

Emily Heider said...

Ha ha! That's awesome. It could have been worse though, I know this from a story one of my co-workers told me: after working a night shift when her daughter was around 2, she was sitting on the couch, with her little girl playing on the floor in front of her, she fell asleep and woke up to see pieces of hair all over the floor, "Did you cut your hair?!" And the best response ever: "Yeah, mom! And I cut yours too!!" Sure enough, my co-worker had about an inch of hair sticking straight up on the very top of her head. It was too short to keep folded down, and took almost a year to grow back so that it would hide in a pony tail without poking through!! Awesome, huh! ;-) So I guess you can be relieved he only cut his own hair, instead of his brothers, or better yet, YOURS!!