Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Carter- No-Pants

I used to think Spongebob Square Pants was the spawn of the devil. With little boys however he somehow made his way into our house. Now I'm not thrilled with him, but realized after watching the dumb show its not inappropriate but more just stupid. (But so are the Wiggles, and a square sponge is a lot less disturbing to me than 4 grown men, dressed up in weird costumes).

So if you know Bart very well, you've probably heard him hum a kids song under his breath (I find it hilarious that he sings "Hot Dog, Hot Dog, Hot diggity Dog, from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, around the house, rather than a song on the radio) or make silly words up to a song the boys know from Primary or a movie. (They love to correct him, and laugh when daddy gets the words wrong)

We've had major pants issues with Carter (and in order to keep my friends, and not gross out family, I won't go into details). It mostly involves the removal of pants, even after being duct taped onto him, or while wearing a oneside underneath his clothes (this kid is better than Houdini). So Bart has taken to calling Carter "Carter-No-Pants". So here in ode to our Carter-No-Pants, is his theme song. (Sung to the theme song from Spongebob Square Pants)


Who lives our house and isn’t yet three?
Carter No Pants!

Cuddly, and silly and naughty is he!
Carter No Pants!

If toddler destruction be something you wish!
Carter No Pants!

Diaper he drops and he's gone with a swish!
Carter No Pants!

Carter No Pants! Carter No Pants! Carter No Pants! Car-ter - No - Pants!
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Shannon said...

LMBO That's too funny! I love it!!

We have that same pants problem around here too. LOL

Courtney said...

I love it! I completely share your thoughts on Spongebob. He's harmless, just really idiotic.