Wednesday, July 29, 2009

One of our new gigs

So here's the deal. Part of Bart's new business, DirectNet, is being a dealer for a new company called Clear Internet. It's basically making the entire Las Vegas Valley one big Wi-Fi hotspot. It's like the 3G internet that some of the cell phone companies are doing, but this is faster and called 4G. You may have seen some advertising around town, they just launched the network for Las Vegas officially two weeks ago.

They have home internet, mobile internet (a USB stick that you can drive all over using, we watched tv shows without any problems, had full signals all over the freeways, from old henderson to southern highlands, to summerlin & green valley. I even played on facebook and blogged as Bart drove across town to Costco. Like I need more time to play on facebook but hey why not), and phone over the internet (like vonage, but it has a few more features). But the best part is its cheaper than internet through Cox or Embarq, and its faster too. You can chose, one, two or all three services, with plans starting as low as $20-$30.

The only catch is since its brand new, they have lower prices now, and those prices will be going up THIS FRIDAY. I should have posted this sooner, but didn't realize the prices were going up so soon. So just in case any of our friends/acquaintances might be interested, I thought I would post this, so that you can get it cheaper. Give Bart or I a call if you're interested or want more info, if you don't have our number leave a comment with your email and I'll either call you, or send you an email with our phone number.

This is no pressure, if it saves you money (it saved us almost $30 a month), and is faster - that's great! If it doesn't, then we would never try to get you to buy something that won't work for you. Bart has the equipment and can get you set up very quickly and easily (install & activation are free too) Just hurry before the prices go up!


Jarod and Tanya Rollins said...

I wish we could do this in Utah! We pay way too much for cable internet.

Pike's Place said...

We're still grappling but we definitely will let you know ASAP! Thanks for the heads-up!

Shannon said...

Very cool! I saw a stand set up at Dean Martin & Cactus the other day & wondered what it was all about. Of course it was WAY too hot to stop & find out. I'll def look in to it. :)