Tuesday, July 7, 2009

When Dad's Away

We get to do messy things! Bart isn't gone very often, but when he is we have to do something fun right? Bart went off for his annual dose of all things female (Young Women's Girls Camp). So...We painted. Jackson painted a tractor, Carter painted a boat. (As well as himself...) All I have to say is, geniuses who make children's painting sets, can we make the paint washable? Ummmm yeah. All over Carter and took 3 days for it to come off. (and off the chair, which Bart found after I thought I'd destroyed all evidence of our crafty crime)

That same day it rained just enough for the kids to want to run out and play, then immediately quit. Without blinking an eye, Jackson decided that this wasn't sufficient and got the hose out and I hear tons of rain against the windows. He decided he could do better, so he made his own rain. They definitely got soaked, definitely had fun, and then definitely took long naps (when Dad's away, Mom better get a break!)

(Oh, and we may have eaten dinner in front of the TV, stayed up way too late, slept in, stayed in pajamas all day and went to the movies - but we're not fessing up to those...)
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Tricia said...

Ahhh. It's nice to have a break sometimes and less rules with Daddy gone.