Monday, August 3, 2009

But I don't want to be inside...

On the rare occasion that Carter had to come inside, while we were in Washington, this is how he passed his time. "Hi Doggy. Doggggieeee! Hi Doggy." Grandma & Grandpa's new dog (dog's don't last very long on the farm, they get hurt, they get hit by cars etc). There has been a new dog everytime I've stepped out of the car to visit since Bart and I got married. Now that either says we don't come enough, or there have been a lot of "new dogs". Carter is an avid animal lovie. He constantly was begging for the doggy, Jake, or the immortal cat, Licorice. (Cats however seem to live forever, even after disappering for months, it came back). Poor Carter, good luck with talking your dad into a dog. The last time Jackson tried, Bart told him that he had a dog, it just lived at Grandma's house.
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