Sunday, August 16, 2009

Consider yourself informed

This is Uncle Scott's friend Kylie. Carter loves Kylie. Carter refused to say Kylie's name for 8 days straight, just because he knew everyone wanted him to. Carter finally said "Bye, Ky-wie" as we left to go to the airport and home from Washington.

Just thought everyone should meet my Mother-in-law... she think she's a queen. I think she's fabulous.
(and yes that's not a crown, it happens to be the bottom of a punch bowl... she's creative too)

Carter attacks people. When you least expect it, you get licked. Tiffany got attacked on the sneak, it was dark, and with no warning Carter slimed her. We attempted to stop this, it didn't work. Consider yourself warned. We take no responsibility for random lickings.

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Shannon said...

LMBO!! I love the licking part. Not so sure the lickees would agree with me, but how funny is that! He's such a little stinker. ;)

Julie said...

I love Mickie's crown. It's so good to have an awesome mother-in-law!