Monday, August 24, 2009

In the face? In the eye? Up the nose? That's a killer.

So we're still working on the food deal. Shouldn't it get better the more we try it? Owen thinks rice cereal should go in his nose, and all over his forehead. We're all about excitement around here. None of this boring food in mouth business. Smear it all over your face. Grab at the spoon, and flip cereal everywhere. Then whack yourself and throw cereal on mom. He's learning the art of food skin care from Carter. Carter shampoos his hair with salad dressing, gives himself facials with marinara, and exfoliates with rice and broccoli. That baby soft skin? Natural? Nope. Rice cereal is great moisturizer.

(Two points for the title quote. What movie? Jackson's favorite movie quote...)

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Shannon said...

LMBO! I love your little guys!! The more I hear, the more I love. LOL And YOU! You're great, Kellie. I love your attitude. :) Carter is so funny. I'm sad he's not in my nursery anymore. Hopefully they'll keep me in there through next year so I can have him again. I love his little, big personality! :)