Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Narcoleptic Baby?

I've never had a kid fall asleep on things. I have no pictures of Carter or Jackson asleep in a high chair, or at the table eating. I have no pictures of them asleep in funny places as a baby. But Owen falls asleep everywhere. This kid just can't get any better. Oh yeah, he only has a stinky diaper once every three days. Yep, I win.

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tom + lisa said...

what a sweetheart he is! i love the sleeping pics, and the fact that he probably does this while the other two totally run amuck.

you're right, if my next baby was like this, it might trick me into having a 4th :)

The Prices said...

That is so so cute!

craftyashley said...

That's how third babies are supposed to be (crossing fingers) sleepy and non-stinky.

angie milne photography said...

ahahahaha i love this! what a sweetie :) and only every 3 days??! what kind of miracle baby is he?? so cute.

ooh and of course i would LOVE to take pictures of your family! maybe i can use it as an excuse to go out to vegas again.. we're going to the beach at the end of august and i'm sure it'll be our last trip for a while though :( it's okay, we'll make it work sometime! we miss you guys!