Monday, August 24, 2009

Think we Learned very Much?

Bart is determined to brainwash our children. Can you only imagine the car officianados they will be since they've been cleaning, changing oil, and doing maintenance on cars since they were TWO YEARS OLD? (I feel really bad for their wives.) Well, I don't think we learned very much, except how to turn a funnel into a trumpet (or a trunk-et as Carter calls it, and don't worry it was brand new, and he only got to "play" it before it was used. I don't think motor oil counts as Omega-3's. ) We ran around the car in circles. Hid a few of daddy's wrenches. Tried to take the jack down before we were supposed to, spilled oil on the carpet in our garage (yep, carpet. Another strange but wonderful trait of Bart Yeates) and ended it with helping pour new oil into mommy's car.

Now you see why most people take their cars to Jiffy Lube...
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Shannon said...

I love that he's so willing to have them help with this kind of thing. And I think their wives will thank Bart. I'd love it if my man were more mechanically inclined & knew which was the oil cap & which was the radiator cap & what goes in each. LOL