Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Trick Babies are Bad

Meet Owen the trick baby. He's the baby who is so good, that when he's tired he just goes to sleep, wherever he is. He's the baby that hardly ever cries. He's the baby that makes me thing I'm handling three kids (when in reality they are handling me). He's the trick baby that makes me think "I could have another one." He's my reward for not killing his brothers. (Yet).
Trick Babies are Bad, because after such a sweetheart, I'm sure I'll be in trouble next time.

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Becky Chatwin said...

I want a trick baby.....maybe if I am really good and don't maim my two kids, then I can have one like you!

Pike's Place said...

He is a good baby, my goodness!!! I hope, hope, hope my third is the same! :) Wish me luck.

Kristen said...

What a sweetie. Who knows, maybe your next one will be a girl :)