Wednesday, August 5, 2009

You Want to Be in Our Family

We'd never been to Aunt Sheila & Uncle Dan's fantastic 4th of July. (You know its has to be good when the invite says it goes from 1pm until Crazy Uncle Larry catches something on fire!) We are so glad that we went this year. It was amazing. Started in the afternoon, with lots of food, hours of playing and talking. Fun on a bouncy water slide, kiddie pool, trampoline, golf cart, dirt bikes, water balloon toss, relay races, more food, and finally with the best firework show I have ever seen. Larry planned the whole thing out, there was a crew meeting before hand to plan the timing of the show, and the stations were spread out through a field and the crew lit everything off synchronized. There were THREE amazing finales.Our kids are ruined forever. The wussy firework stands (especially in Vegas, because anything good is illegal), are not going to cut it anymore. (Our worst was the year we bought a box of smoke. We bought a huge box of fireworks, and found out while lighting them with friends over, that every single one was just a smoke maker. Literally money up in smoke.) Our 4th of July this year was incredible. We have amazing family. We never stop laughing, never stop eating, stay up all night and have more fun than should be allowed. Thanks Dan & Sheila and Jennifer & Larry for such an incredible day!
(and Thanks Shana - I stole pics off your facebook page!)
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Pike's Place said...

Fun, fun! Nothing beats family and the 4th!